Flow magazine #21 2017 (France)

"Mortels Cocktails", by Anne Martinetti. Published by JC Lattès - Le Masque

Flow magazine #1 2017 (Netherlands)

The Food's Path (Israel)

FoodPhoto Festival 2017 (Denmark)

Head On Festival 2015 (Australia)

Mois de la Photo : Fetart School Factory (Galerie 59 Rivoli)

SHOTS mag : Issue#125 "Books/Words/Music" : Fictitious Feasts

Inkult magazine : Please take a seat

New Landscape Photography : Gloomy Glens

F-Stop : Issue#66 "On the Road"

Scopio Network : Portfolio (Series Mighty Mountains)

Emoi Photographique : Exposition (Series The Childhood's edge)

Der Greif : "Der Greif exhibition -Ein Prozess" (Series Gloomy Glens)

Photographie.com : Prix "Icart Photo/Yan Morvan" 2014 (Series Please take a seat)

L'oeil de la photographie : Portoflios Freelens (Series Gloomy Glens)