Please take a seat

Derelict places bear a certain ambiguity and a peculiar relation to time. They convey both desertion and an invitation to something special, almost familiar. Considering their potential in terms of beauty, my work is based on the picture of several chairs I found on the premises. The chairs evoke an anonymous welcome as well as a real yearning for solitude. They are both attractive and repelling. They deal with a personal reflection on loneliness, otherness, and the relation to other people -which personally, I often find difficult. These chairs make me wonder about the meaning of being absent and how people need to feel they belong. It is with a certain distance that this series was elaborated as a call for silence and contemplation, relying on a poetic paradox. If this is about instability, the one that is affective and psychological, wobbly is the line drawn between the need for others and the rejection of them.